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Cryptohopper Review

Trading bots have become a popular tool for cryptocurrency traders today. The digital currency trading robot is actually a programmed algorithm that examines the market and introduces good positions for trading. One of the most popular and reliable of them is the Cryptohopper robot.

Cryptohopper robot was designed and created in 2017 by two brothers from Amsterdam, Holland, named Ruud and Pim Feltkamp, ​​with the aim of facilitating the trading process and helping traders to take advantage of more opportunities, increase the amount of profit and minimize losses.

Using Crypto Hopper you can benefit from free and paid signals from different sources. Crypto Hopper works 24 hours a day, and in addition to Bitcoin, 75 other cryptocurrencies can be traded by this robot.

In the following, we will learn more about the features of this bot.

Cryptohopper Pros & Cons

CryptoHopper Features

Each of the features of the Crypto Hopper robot has been created in order to cover the specific needs of users.

In this article, we discuss 9 of them:

1. Auto-Trading

Automate your trading with Crypto Hopper. You can try different trading styles such as semi-automatic trading, mirror trading or fully automatic trading.

2. Portfolio Management

Connect all your exchanges and manage your investment portfolio for free from one place.

3. Mirror Trading

You can copy the signals of expert traders or download their strategies and import them into this platform to achieve maximum profit.

4. Trailing Features

Never buy/sell too early. Let your Hopper follow market trends using the Trailing feature. Easily track prices and automatically buy or sell when prices drop.

5. Paper Trading

Become a better trader by practicing simulated trading. With this, you do not risk your capital. Use the Hopper simulator before deploying your Hopper on a real account.

6. DCA

DCA or Dollar-Cost Averaging is a technique used to balance your average purchase price when buying over long periods of time. Take advantage of this feature in Crypto Hopper as well.

7. Backtesting

The backtesting tool allows you to easily use historical insights and chart data to determine how your strategies have performed in the past and/or predict the future. Backtest your hopper to see how it performs.

With the backtesting tool, you can see exactly where the Hopper robot bought and sold your currencies and thus optimize your strategies. Although past information does not guarantee a correct understanding of the future, the backtesting tool is one of the most important ways to fine-tune your strategy and learn to trade.

8. Strategy Designer

One of the unique features of the Crypto Hopper robot is the possibility of designing a strategy in it. With this feature, you can combine different indicators and test their effectiveness.

9. Arbitrage

Use the cryptocurrency market bug with the Arbitrage bot in Crypto Hopper! With the help of arbitrage, you can profit from the price difference of a currency in different exchanges.

Cryptohopper Pricing

There are for main ways to use this robot. Of course, the crypto Hopper bot allows users to test this system for free for 7 days. It is possible to pay monthly and annually for the methods.

The cryptohopper bot methods are as follows:



  • 20 positions
  • portfolio management
  • manual trading
  • all available exchanges



  • 80 positions
  • portfolio management
  • manual trading
  • all available exchanges



  • 200 positions
  • portfolio management
  • manual trading
  • all available exchanges



  • 500 positions
  • portfolio management
  • manual trading
  • all coins for signals
  • market arbitrage
  • algorithm intelligence

Supported Exchanges

Cryptohopper currently supports 18 exchanges that the most important of which are:

FTX, Bybit, Bittrex, Okx, Cryptopia, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin and Poloniex.

Crypto Hopper Alternative

There are several alternative crypto trading bots with similar functionality.

  • Dealerify. Best tool that uses for the development of the social trading industry in cryptocurrency. Both are beginner-friendly bots.
  • Bitsgap. is a tool traders needed to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • Tradesanta. is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading bot that is suitable for both amateur and expert-level crypto investors.

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